Our school and Objectives

Our aim is to stop Syrian refugee children falling further behind and to help them

catch up in hopes they will eventually be able to integrate at a grade appropriate

level into a formal educational system.

We are a...
"Keep-Up-Catch-Up School"
We now have about 100 students
in 4 classrooms Gr 1-6/7
We are an informal school
Our focus is on teaching literacy, maths, basic computer skills and English,
as well we have weekly music lessons 
We function out of the compound, and at the invitation of, The Azraq Women's Center,
a Jordanian charity
Our school is a project of, and is managed by,
a charity in Jordan, 
We try as much as possible to enrich our students' exprierence
Our only source of funding is by donation and we need your help to
keep going
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